Monday, May 20, 2024


Safety meetings related to general safety and a variety of topics, industries and fields

Asbestos Awareness

Just 50 years ago, asbestos was known as the "magic mineral". It's amazingly strong and fireproof, which is why it was used in thousands of different products. All kinds of building materials, automobile parts such as brake linings and clutch pads, insulation, and mastics were comprised of asbestos and other materials.

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Groundskeeping Safety

It's that time of year again! Mowing, weed-eating, and trimming can create various safety hazards that employees need to be reminded of, even though these are typical chores performed around the home every week. Because these tasks are performed on-the-job, any associated hazards must be addressed in the same manner as any other work-related hazard.

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Confined Spaces

What is a confined space? Examples may include, silos, bins, hoppers, tunnels, vessels, tanks, pits, etc. Confined spaces pose some unique hazards that everyone needs to be aware of. The presence, or potential for presence, of any of these hazards generally warrants that the space become a permit-required confined space.

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