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Safety meetings related to general safety and a variety of topics, industries and fields

Do Accidents Have Warnings?

Years ago a gentleman by the name of Bird completed a major study of in accident and injures. This study reviewed over 1.7 million reported accidents. These accidents were reported in 300 companies representing 21 different industries. Collectively, these companies reported over 3 billion employee-hours worked during the period of the study. The studies conclusion was that events occur in certain ratios.

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Accident Prevention - Painless and Profitable

Most large US companies operate at a small profit margin--some as small as 1/2%. This means they earn only 1/2 cent for every dollar taken in. Profit margins of 1% to 5% are more common but this is still not a lot of “extra” money. Each time an accident occurs, the cost of the injury must be subtracted from profits.

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Lead Safety

Lead is a metal. It's found just about everywhere. It really can't affect my health, can it? (Yes, it can.) When ingested, lead accumulates in the blood, bones, and soft tissue of the body. High concentrations of lead in the body can cause death or permanent damage to the central nervous system, the brain, the kidneys, and red blood cells.

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