Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Personal Protective Equipment

Safety meetings related to the storage, care and proper use of personal protective equipment

Hand Injuries

Like anything else we use constantly, we tend to take our hands for granted – that is, until we injure a hand or finger. Suddenly the simplest tasks, like buttoning a shirt, signing your name, or twisting open a jar lid becomes difficult, if not impossible. More than a half million disabling hand and finger injuries happen on the job every year, and there are many ways you can be affected.

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Eye Protection

You would think that the prospect of losing one's eyesight would be so devastating that no worker would ever take a chance with unsafe eye practices. But, sadly, that's not he case. Statistics show that there are about 140,000 disabling eye injuries each year, some resulting in blindness.

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Safety Shoes

What can you do to avoid injuries in your workplace by wearing the proper safety foot wear? Keep in mind, there are several issues to consider when choosing the proper safety footwear.

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