Thursday, February 29, 2024

Powered Industrial Vehicles

Static Electricity and Refueling

The discharge of static electricity while dispensing fuel is a serious hazard that can potentially result in a catastrophic fire or explosion. To help you understand the need for bonding and grounding of fuel dispensing equipment, the following information is offered.

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Construction Equipment Dangers

Any moving equipment, such as skip loaders, back hoes, trenchers, cranes, hi-lifts, trucks, you name it should be respected and avoided. Don't just assume that the operator sees you. You could wind up injured or worse. And don't depend on hearing a horn or an alarm to warn you that moving equipment is near. You may not be able to hear equipment's alarm over other construction noise.

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Loading Dock Safety

How safe is your loading dock? What are typical causes of loading dock accidents, incidents and events? What do we check to prevent loading dock accidents? Through group discussion, the workers will raise each others' awareness of hazards and safe practices around loading docks.

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