Thursday, February 29, 2024

Materials Handling

Safety meetings related to handling materials either manually or with equipment

Material Handling

Material handling accounts for about one quarter of all occupational injuries; the most common injuries being strains, sprains and contusions. The principal causes of the injuries are the mishaps resulting from improper lifting, failing to use available equipment and unsafe work practices.

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Safe Operation of Hand Trucks

One of the best ways to avoid suffering a muscle strain or sprain is to use a hand truck. The use of this tool also increases productivity and lessens the chance of dropping and damaging merchandise. Although hand trucks appear to be fairly simple devices, users must remember a few basic safety procedures.

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Steel Strapping Safety

Steel strapping is a useful way to keep rolls of sheet metal from unwinding while it is being transported, and for binding or reinforcing wooden crates and other boxes that contain heavy objects. When these items reach their final destination, someone has to remove the steel banding. These metal straps can become dangerous weapons that will lash out when the bands are cut and the pressure is released.

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