Saturday, September 23, 2023

Hazard Recognition

Safety meetings related to safety hazard evaluation and recognition

Learn From Near Accidents

Close calls or near-accidents on the job should be converted into safety precautions. A near-accident is an indication that something is wrong. It's a warning.

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Give Us Your Ideas

Safety is important to the space program and even more important right here where we work. Nothing less than the future of your family is at stake. They are counting on you to provide food and shelter, and an on-the-job accident could very easily disable you and leave security and future plans up in the air.

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Don't Gamble on Excavations

For years the word 'GAMBLE' was associated with construction excavations. By gambling on unknown soil conditions, ground water, adjacent structures, steep banks, etc., the job could move faster with less cost and less backfill.

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